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Data Protection Guidelines

The aim of the Privacy Policy is to regulate the usage of the website and services offered here. This is a legal document that governs the most important points of the privacy. The legal validity of the document covers mutual obligations and rights of ours and customers. Working with the website on your computer or other device you agree to the terms of this document. In order to continue browsing the website we ask you to read carefully the information below. On the condition any of the rules described in the document is not appropriate for you, we recommend you not to browse the website and not to make orders. For the purpose of convenience, will be replaced by “website”. The person who opens the website will be will be referred to as “you”.

This is a special form of agreement you consent to enter when you open the website in your browser. Periodically you may be asked to reconfirm your sufficient consent. The use of the website will be found as unlawful one without entering into agreement on the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy extends to the whole period you browse the website.

General Provisions

We do our best to provide you with high quality services and products. For that reason we get some piece of information about the way you use our website. We have to do it in order to improve the experience of the users. Consenting to the document you agree with the aim of getting the information and acknowledge that it is clearly defined and legitimate. You confirm that the information you provide is relevant and up-to-date. The information received under this agreement is considered as obtained legally.

You submit most of the information personally, but we also may get it by ourselves with your consent. The information may be collected when you communicate with us in all possible ways, fill forms or questionnaires, and identify yourself. In addition, we get information concerning your activities and interactions, your transaction, cookies or other similar technologies on the website. Under no circumstances collect we the information regarding your origin, political views, sex life, health and mental condition, religious beliefs.

Information We Get When You Browse Our Website

For the first time you open the website in your browser, the following data is automatically received: access time, the type of your browser and operating system. This piece of information does not allow for the identification of your personality. Such information is aimed to better the use of the website.

Information We Collect When You Purchase Our Services

In the case you plan not only to have a look at the website, but also use one of our services and make an order, we shall receive the following information: a phone number and email, some information about your credit card, a copy of your ID or driver’s license. We may use your email so that we report you about the stages of order fulfillment. Pay attention to the point that your phone number may be used in the same way, besides you will get notifications of special orders, discounts, and other promotion points. During the process of making the order we may ask you to send a copy of your ID or information on your credit card (your first and last names and only last 4 digits need to be visible). This step is necessary for payment authorization.


The reason why we apply cookies is to make your experience more efficient and optimized. Find more details about them here.

Communication Opportunities

High standards of collecting and using your personal information are included in our priorities. If it seems to you that the way we collect and use your information is inappropriate, we are always ready to take your complaints and suggestions for enhancing. Send your requests for additional information or offers to our email.

Final Provisions

We use the SSL-certificate to process all the information you fill in the order, inquiry pages and personal control panel. It guarantees necessary confidentiality and safety of all the transactions. A full understanding between us and you is grounded by Privacy Policy.